WWTO-logo (1)Who we are

Women Win TO is a Toronto-based organization dedicated to train and prepare women from diverse backgrounds (including trans and gender non-conforming individuals) to run winning campaigns for the 2018 municipal election.


What We Believe

Inclusion | Equity | Social Justice

Our aim is to bring together women who are thinking about running for municipal office, and working together to build a more progressive and equitable city.


What’s the plan?

We’ll be leading a number of sessions to train participants about various aspects of managing a campaign. Workshops will be lead by experts who have experience as candidates, or helping to run a campaign. Sessions will start in the early fall of 2017.


Sessions will include the following topics:

Preparing for Election Day: What you should know about collecting data and getting out the vote


Building a team

Door knocking: preparing flyers, literature, and how to introduce yourself to the ward

Communicating your message

Healthy You: What are some common feeling of people who run for office and how do you stay healthy during the campaign?

Planning for life beyond Election Day


You have until July 17, 2017 to register for this FREE program: http://www.twca.ca/apply-to-wwto/