The federal budget is set to be released on March 22, 2017 and, with its release, we should be seeing some gender-based analysis! Meaning, there should be analysis of how components of the budget affect people of different genders. And the impact across genders should be acknowledged and balanced, with the goal being more gender equity and gender equality.


On International Women’s Day Armine Yalnizyan, public economist, wrote a piece about why gender-based analysis of the budget makes for better budgeting. She points to affordable childcare, affordable housing, better supported shelters for those fleeing violence, and pay equity legislation as commitments that would demonstrate Canada’s dedication to gender-based analysis. We’ll be watching.


Locally, TWCA has been pushing for the City of Toronto to adopt gender-based analysis of their budget. Look back at our partnership with Kristyn Wong-Tam in January, where we explored gender-based analysis of the City’s budget.


Let’s keep our politicians accountable and support real progress on the implementation of gender-based analysis.