Video produced by TWCA intern Maju Tavera.


Watch the video and think about:

  • Are city spaces designed fairly in Toronto?
  • What are some sensitivities that city planners should keep it mind?


(Descriptive transcript below.)




On screen: Gender Calling Series

On screen: The Ride

[Camera pans over subway token machine and the price for one ride is $3.25.]

[Woman in subway station faces the camera.]

Woman says, “I cannot believe the price of tokens has gone up again. And I have a job interview today. And now I don’t have enough money to go.”

[Woman turns from camera and walks away.]

Announcement in station: “This weekend, line 2 will be closed between Bathurst and Jane station for track work. Shuttle busses will be…”

On screen: This is what many people have to deal with in their everyday lives. The transit fare is very expensive, people living with precarious work have constant uncertainties like how to get a ride for a job interview which can become an obstacle to achieving a job position.

[Screen goes black.]